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Peterson Health Lobbying for More Vaccines

Hospital Prepared For More Mass Vaccinations Pending Larger Allotments

Kerrville, TX – Beginning December 22nd, Peterson Health administered Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations in well organized mass vaccination clinics following the state assigned tiers and requirements. Five hundred Peterson Health employees, primarily frontline healthcare workers successfully received their first dose in a clinic operated over the course of three days. To date, Peterson has successfully administered a combined total of 3,300 vaccines through multiple mass vaccination clinics. They are expected to receive another 1,500 next week and will continue to offer vaccines to those pre-registered and with assigned appointments at the First United Methodist Church.

While grateful for the new allotment, Peterson Health President and CEO Cory Edmondson says that it simply scratches the surface. “We have been receiving a consistent allocation of the vaccine for the past three weeks, so we are hopeful the county will see their needs met. We are ready and equipped to roll out more vaccine clinics and have proven successful from the start.”

Peterson acknowledges and sympathizes with the public’s frustrations. “We know the need is great and we want our community to know that we are doing everything in our power to fight for more vaccines,” says Edmondson. “It is all controlled by the State… the number of vaccines we receive, the day we receive them, and who is eligible according to the tiers. But we have the protocols and logistics in place for efficient turnaround.”

There are many ways to pre-register for the vaccination. Peterson Health now offers an online COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration Site. You may register through the website Once you are on the website please go to the top blue banner and click on the COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration Sign-up link. If you do not have access to a computer, or you need more information, please call the pre-registration call center at 1-800-208-3611 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:40 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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