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Payment Plans

Physician charges are separate from hospital billing, therefore we are not able to establish payment plans for patients for any physician related bills.  You will be required to make separate arrangements for those accounts with the physician/physician groups.

If you have questions about our payment plan requirements or need to set your account up on a payment plan, please contact PRMC Customer Service at (830) 258-7423.

Account Discounts

PRMC offers our patients with no insurance coverage (uninsured) discounts on their billed charges.
If you are uninsured, you will automatically receive a discount of 30 percent(as of July 1st) from your total Hospital charges.

Charges which are elective or considered part of a package procedure are not eligible for discounts. These charges are already discounted at what is considered a package price for both the facility and physician charges.

Financial Counseling Services

Financial counselors are available to let you know how much you may be responsible to pay for your care. If you do not have health insurance and will be unable to pay for your care, then we will help you explore options and assist you in completing the applications to get the assistance you need.

Please call us at (830) 258-7423 to discuss you account, or drop by the Financial Counseling office located next to Admitting in the hospital.


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