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YOUR health records, anytime.  Anywhere!

Peterson is proud to be the first Hill Country hospital to offer a patient portal.  Enjoy, access, utilize, and archive (or print) your information.


You must have an email address on file with the hospital in order to use/access the patient portal.

This interactive portal empowers all PRMC patients, as well as our patients utilizing the Emergency Department or Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) to take the most active role in their care.  We are providing easy, secured access to your health information and results.

Powered by Meditech, our electronic medical record system, we can now pull the past three (3) years of medical information including the following:

  • Laboratory results
  • Radiology/Imaging results
  • Billing statements/Account information

You can also initiate the following:

  • Request appointments
  • View or download a Health Summary
  • View allergies and conditions
  • Track immunization and other health maintenance items
  • View visit history, including discharge instructions
  • Review active home medications
  • Enter/update all of your personal information is completely secure so that you can be confident that your private information is protected.  Only you, or an authorized family member, can access your portal and view your information. was created with you in mind!  We know this tool can play an active role in your healthcare.

Visit us daily, weekly, or at least monthly, because we are always updating your information as you visit and we plan to add new features as they become available within our system.

For more information on your patient portal, contact us during regular business hours at 830-258-7000 or 830-258-7373 Monday through Friday.

First Time Users?
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Note:  You will need to provide the hospital with an email address prior to signing up.  You will also need your Medical Record Number, which starts with an M and has 6 numbers after the M (example: M123456).  You may find this number on any your discharge information, a patient ID bracelet, a recent hospital bill or receipt, or a variety of reports from the hospital.

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