Medical Screen Option

How Will I Know If This Is An Emergency? Don't Worry. We Can Help!

The Medical Screen Option provides patients with the best connection of care for their condition.  The steps are as follows:

  • Enter the Emergency Room as usual.  During the standard triage process, your condition will be evaluated on a level of 1-5.  1 is extremly urgent and 5 is not urgent at all.  Patients that are at a level of 5 – not a medical emergency at all – will have options to choose from for their continued care:
  1. They can stay and be treated, but will neeed to make arrangements for pay for our services (self pay, insurance, financial arrangements with our assistance.)
  2. Allow us to schedule and appointment within 24-48 hours with their physician or at PRMC’s Peterson Community Care.  If you do not have a primary care physician and would like us to assist you in find one, we will provide a list of physicians accepting new patients.

At this time, if you enter the Emergency Room and are determined to have a level 1-4, we will assist you as expected and standard for emergency room practices.  This entire process only pertains to non-emergent visits coming through the ER.

For a full explanation of the process and benefits, click here for a summary authored by ER staff member and RN, Nick Clark.

Download our free rack card here for more information on the Medical Screen Option

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