Peterson Women’s Associates


Peterson Women’s Associates is a collaborative practice of physicians and certified nurse midwives, caring for expecting mothers. We care for women during a variety of stages, from pre-conception, pregnancy and after pregnancy, while adjusting to motherhood. Our Birth Navigator is on site to help design a birth plan that fits you and your family. We value this special time in your life and look forward to sharing it with you.

Peterson Women’s Associates is proud to introduce Vanya Keyser, our Birth Navigator. The birth navigation program is a new service offered at the clinic to our expecting moms or those planning to become pregnant. The program is designed to assist in the journey of motherhood during the first few weeks with resources about having a healthy pregnancy, to preparation for the birth, and finally with providing support and resources in the post-partum phase of motherhood. Our birth navigator will assist in locating resources, ensuring your birth plan is individualized, and provide you with a personal connection to our clinic. If you have any questions regarding our birth navigation program, please call 830.258.6237.

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