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Peterson Health’s Position Statement on the Lift of Wearing Face Masks

September 18, 2020

CONTACT: Lisa Winters

As healthcare workers, Peterson Health supports the use of face coverings or face masks throughout our facilities and in all public settings or areas where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. We strongly believe that wearing face masks protects our patients and employees, and the community, from the spread of COVID-19. With cases continuing, and the impending flu season, we do not believe it would be prudent to discontinue this important practice.

While we respect Kerr County Judge Kelly and the Commissioners Court request to Governor Abbott to waive the face covering mandate in Kerr County, Peterson Health will require face coverings in the hospital for staff and visitors, in order to follow CDC guidelines and best practices as we have from the very beginning of the pandemic.

Peterson Health’s mission is to provide exceptional, compassionate, patient-centered care in all that we do and we feel strongly that the continued use of face coverings aligns best with fulfilling our purpose.  We are reasonable and rational in our efforts and feel that all Kerr County residents and Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.  Continuing to wear face masks is the right decision.

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