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Peterson Health Partners with HEB for Annual Flu Vaccine Clinic on September 8


For over a decade, Peterson Health and HEB have partnered for a community-wide flu vaccine clinic.  This year’s annual clinic is this Wednesday, September 8th, from 8am-5pm at the Happy State Bank Expo/Hill Country Youth Events Center off Highway 27. Fast and convenient, you don’t even leave the convenience or safety of your car. Drive up only!

Parents must bring a written prescription for children 4-6 years of age. Parents or legal guardians must be present for those 4-18 years of age. No charge for Medicare Part B.

High Dosage will be available for those 65 years and older. Cash or check only. $40 for the Quadrivalent and $87 for the High Dose (Covered by Medicare)

Even though it is drive up only and you are in your vehicle, masks are required. HEB will supply a mask if needed.

Get that extra layer of protection for yourself… and those you love! Get the flu vaccine.

For more information, call the HEB Pharmacy at 830.896.0227.

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