The Baby Place

Does Peterson Health offer hydrotherapy?

The Baby Place at Peterson Health has a hydrotherapy tub, which some women find helps improve comfort, reduce pain, reduce the need for medication during labor, and speed labor up in some instances.

What is a Certascan Digital Scanner?

Peterson Health is one of only two hospitals in Texas to use a Certascan Digital Scanner for baby footprinting. Your nurse just puts your baby’s foot up to a scanner, which takes a perfect footprint image with no ink to stain your baby’s toes. This image automatically goes to the Center for Missing & Exploited Children. You will also get a printed keepsake of your baby’s footprint to take home.

When should I schedule a follow-up appointment?

Your obstetrician will encourage you to come back about two weeks after having a baby and then again at six weeks to make sure your body is healing appropriately and to address any other needs.

When should I head to the hospital for delivery?

When you’re having regular contractions, it’s time to head to the hospital at the stage you and your provider planned ahead of time. If you have questions, call your doctor or Certified Nurse Midwife and see when she or he wants you to leave home for the hospital.

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